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Linda T. Inatsuka, Ph.D.


Are you ready to create the life you desire?

Do you feel a lack of fulfillment with your current situation?
Are past events holding you back from moving forward in your life?
Is your life a constant struggle?
Are you sick and tired of feeling "sick and tired?"

There IS hope.  Life does NOT have to be a struggle.

Find out how you can accomplish goals like: 

  • Making peace with your past
  • Being more self-confident
  • Resolving "stuck" issues
  • Moving forward with your life

Life can bring a whole host of challenges to your personal and/or professional well-being.  At times, these difficulties can be worked through smoothly, but there are times when you may need to seek professional assistance.

Whether you are struggling with chronic or persistent difficulties, sudden changes, or are wanting more success in your life, I can provide you with the assistance that you need.